White Sox and Member Benefits

Sunday, September 9, is “Union Day” at Guaranteed Rate Field. The White Sox play the Angels at 1:10 pm. Local 1092 will purchase tickets for all members and their immediate families that want to attend. Please call or email 1092 to reserve tickets and let us know the names of your family members that are coming. We will also have a tailgate with food and drinks in our parking lot before the game. It should be a great day to enjoy with our families and our work family. One note- if you reserve tickets but don’t use them this year, we won’t be able to buy them for you next year.

In other news, today is the beginning of our new member benefit package. In the next couple of weeks, you will receive a booklet outlining each benefit, but the benefits are effective today so I wanted to run over them quickly:

1. Life Insurance- non-retired members still have a $50,000 life insurance policy, but we are changing insurance companies to allow members to buy up to $120,000 more in life insurance without any medical test if they choose to do so. The new company needs 60-90 days to implement the program and we will have instructions for everyone that wants to buy the additional insurance soon. You will also be able to buy up to $30,000 in life insurance for your spouse, again without a medical test.

2. AD&D- non-retired members have a $5,000 policy that pays out amounts in the event of Accidental Death and Dismemberment.

3. Legal Services- for all members and their entire household, we’ve contracted with Union Legal Services to allow members to call and speak with an attorney or retired judges about any issue a member may have, whenever they need to, for free. We have also negotiated very low rates for legal representation in matters ranging from Real Estate Closings, to Divorce, Wills, Criminal Matters, and others. Many issues, like Criminal Expungements and Property Tax Appeals, are free. There is even a 24-hour emergency line for criminal matters.
Union Legal Services: 1-877-694-2663
24/7 Emergency Hotline for Criminal Matters: 630-567-5849

4. Identity Recovery Coverage- all members and their entire household retain $25,000 in coverage for attorney fees, credit reports, etc; $5,000 in lost wages for time spent recovering your stolen identity, and another $1,000 in any out-of-pocket expenses.

5. Roadside Assistance- for all members and their households, we have switched this benefit to Allstate Roadside Services. Each household gets 3 free services per year, from jump starts, to towing, to flat tire repair and more. Download the Allstate Motor Club app or simply call 855-256-6019. The Allstate Motor Club app also provides huge discounts on hotels, restaurants, shopping, and more.

6. The Coalition of Union Labor Credit Union- for all members and their households, is a member-owned credit union that provides mortgages, vehicle loans, home equity credit lines, direct deposit, and many other banking services. Because it’s member-owned, there is no profit motive and the loan rates reflect that. If you are buying or refinancing a house, or a car, or just want great service from your bank, I highly recommend you open an account. The Coalition of Union Labor Credit Union is a member of the Allpoint ATM network, meaning you can use over 55,000 ATM’s worldwide without a fee. The network includes all ATM’s at CVS, Walgreens, Target, Costco, Mariano’s, and more. Call 708-482-9606 or visit www.moecu.com for more information.

7. Sun-Times- We originally had tried to get all members free digital subscriptions to the Sun-Times. However, the Sun-Times insisted on having the ability to solicit our membership. We guard our membership list very closely and do not give it away to anyone. So we had to draw the line and cancel the deal. However, we did negotiate with them a discounted rate for both home delivery and digital subscriptions. Go to suntimes.com/midwest-labor to sign up.

We have joined with almost 100,000 other union members to negotiate these benefits. As more members are added, we hope to expand the benefit package. We can’t improve it without feedback, however, so please let us know how your experience is when working with any of the above providers. And as always, call with any questions.