Bids and Transfers


On June 6, DWM will post for 25 Laborer Apprentices and 6 Subforemen at If you have a friend or a family member you think would make a good member of Local 1092, please encourage them to apply for the Apprentice spot. If you are bidding, please make sure to follow every instruction.

For instance, if you are a Construction Laborer applying for a Subforeman spot, do not assume that the City knows the duties of a Construction Laborer. List them in your application.

Another common issue: your employee ID number for purposes of a bid is the number on your pay check. It is not the number on your ID card.

As always, if you would like assistance putting a bid in, you can call the hall to set up an appointment with Phillis.

For those of you in DWM and Aviation, be sure to turn in your transfer requests this month and keep a time-stamped copy of the ones you turn in. There is no limit on the amount of requests you can put in. There is also no limit on the amount of requests you can accept.

I always advise people to choose “Any” whenever they can. When you choose specific shifts or assignments instead of choosing “Any”, you narrow the opportunities you have to get a transfer granted.