Bids, Jobs, and Transfers

1. Bid for Laborer as Estimator
A bid for 2 Laborer as Estimators is currently on the City’s website. The job pays the same as a Construction Laborer but has No Specific Physical Requirements. So this is a phenomenal opportunity for people who want to work inside in a lighter physical capacity, or guarantee their ability to stay inside. Everyone currently working inside should be bidding on this job. Call Phillis to set up an appointment if you’d like assistance bidding on this job.

2. Bid for Watchman
A bid for 10 Watchmen is currently on the City’s website. This job, aside from its own merits, also allows people to bid into our Apprenticeship Program. So if you know family or friends that want to work in security, or who have been trying to get into the Apprenticeship Program, tell them to apply to this spot.

3. Training Center is hiring
The Laborers’ Training Center is hiring seven Trainers. Resumes are due by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 12. Trainers start at the same rate of pay as a Construction Laborer, and can go up slightly over time if certain benchmarks are met. If hired, your pension with the City would freeze and you would start in a new pension plan at the Training Center. Work is at the Homer St. facility and the Carol Stream facility. You need:
A. A minimum of 5 years’ experience as a Construction Laborer;
B. 30 Hour OSHA
C. Strong math, reading, and computer (Word/Excel/Power Point) skills;
D. A passion for teaching, great mentoring and communication skills

Resumes should be mailed or emailed to:
Tom Nordeen
LiUNA Chicagoland Laborers Training Fund
1200 Old Gary Avenue
Carol Stream, IL 60188

The Training Center is also hiring two Administrative Assistants. Pay is much less than a Construction Laborer. Work is at both the Homer St. facility and the Carol Stream facility. Resumes should be emailed to by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, October 5.

4. Transfer Requests:
There have been questions about the Transfer Request procedure, so here are some tips for and descriptions of the process:
A. Transfer Requests are only granted when there is a vacancy to fill. Just because one person had a Transfer Request honored to go on a Hydrant Truck does not mean your Transfer Request to go on an Investigation Truck will be honored. One has nothing to do with the other.
B. Transfer Requests are granted on the basis of seniority. If there are 3 vacancies to go to South District (any assignment), then the three most senior people with Transfer Requests to go to South District (any assignment) will get offered to have their request honored. If one of those three says “No”, then the fourth most senior person with a Transfer Request on file will be asked, etc. etc.
C. You can always say “No” when DWM offers to honor your Transfer Request.
D. Transfer Requests expire each year. So you need to continue to put in a Transfer Request each June for your Request to remain valid.
E. There is no limit on the amount of Transfer Requests you can put in each year.
F. There is no limit on the amount of Transfer Requests you can deny or accept in a year.
G. If you are not in an assignment you got by the Transfer Request process, you can be moved. So it’s always advisable to put in a Transfer Request.
H. Transfer Requests cover the assignments and locations that are on the Transfer Request form. 1092 has negotiated for decades to get those assignments put on the form. There are other assignments in DWM that are not on the form. Superintendents can assign people to those spots as they see fit.
I. Usually, there are many more vacancies for locations than there are vacancies for specific assignments. So people who put in a Transfer Request to get to a District have a much higher chance of getting their Transfer honored than someone who puts in a Transfer for a specific assignment within that District. For example, there’s only one Monday-Friday Investigation Truck on days in Central District. But there are over a hundred laborers assigned to Central District. So we always advise, and the Transfer Request form instructs, that if you want a location change, don’t select a specific assignment.
J. If you hear that someone with less seniority than you gets a Transfer Request honored to an assignment or location to which you also have a Transfer Request on file, please let us know and we will ensure DWM did the process fairly.
K. There is no agreement to send everyone from the “Class of 2014” to New Construction. But we are working with DWM to have them honor the Transfer Request procedure, which means filling spots in the Districts and elsewhere based on who has the most senior Transfer Request on file to fill that position. This is for the long term benefit of everyone in the Bargaining Unit, and honors the seniority our members build up.

Please call us with questions, that’s what we’re here for.