JB Pritzker for Governor

JB Pritzker’s campaign is having two weekends of action, January 27th & 28th and February 17th and 18th.  They need volunteers at all their campaign offices.  Getting Pritzker elected is key to holding on to our rights and benefits as Laborers, and key to making sure the infrastructure work that is the basis of our livelihood continues in the future.  Please do all you can to get out and help the campaign on at least one of these dates.  You can choose any date, any location, and any shift.  Please call the hall and let us know which one you’ll be at.

Saturday January 27: Shift 1 starts 10:00AM
Shift 2 starts at 1:00PM

Sunday January 28: Only shift starts at 1:00PM

Saturday February 17: Shift 1 starts at 10:00AM
Shift 2 starts at 1:00PM

Sunday February 18: Only shift starts at 1:00PM

Office Locations:
11641 S. Halsted
1051 W. Belmont
4418 W. Diversey
5401 S. Wentworth

We need to get out there and help him get elected.